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Tefapak RAM 220 – ramie with PTFE packing

Tefapak RAM 220 packing is made of expanded PTFE and specially selected ramie plant fiber with a particularly high resistance to friction wear. This packing is braided into square profiles, which during this process are impregnated with PTFE dispersion. Because the fiber for packing production, is not bleached with chemical treatment, it keeps its full initial strength and natural pale yellow colour (ivory).

Properties and advantages

The RAM 220 packing has excellent mechanical properties, such as: high mechanical strength, wear resistance as well as flexibility and low friction. Due to the large contents of PTFE, the packing has good sliding properties and ensures tightness at lower gland pressure, moreover it is neutral, does not colour and can be used in hygienic conditions. Unfortunately, like other natural fibers, the ramie is easily influenced by biological and chemical agents, and the operating temperature range is very limited.

Areas of applications

RAM 220 packing, like the other PTFE packing from the Tefapak group, is designed for dynamic applications in rotating equipment. If the medium temperature is limited and there is no particular risk of chemical influences, the RAM 220 packing is a particularly durable and economical seal for the stuffing box. The domain of application for this packing are all clean water pumps, circulation pumps and in particular compressors and water ring pump.

Packaging and delivery

The Tefapak packing is delivered on 2,5 kgs spools for small sections, on 5 kgs spools for middle sections and on 20 kgs reusable spools for the biggest sections - according to below table. The spools are packaged in carton boxes with summary carton size 460x460x290 with weight 20 kgs net. Bigger orders are delivered on EPAL pallet with net quantity 320 kgs.

Range of sizes

General sizes in square profiles from S6 up to S25 are available on stock. The table shows a ratio for evaluation of demand in kilograms and minimal length on standard spools.

Tefapak Ram 220 packing table

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