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Ceramic felt

Ceramic felt tapes are made by wet fulling of ceramic wool similarly like in case of organic fibres. Despite the same form of material and similar mechanical properties, ceramic felt has exceptional thermal resistance. It is an excellent material for washers, insulation and high-temperature seals substituting products woven out of ceramic, basalt and quartz fibres. Ceramic fibres on the basis of aluminosilicate are obtained by melting quartz and aluminium oxide mixture at the temperature over 2000°C and then blowing the melted mass in the gas stream. This is a method of producing standard amorphous fibres with size in the range 4-7 μm and polycrystalline fibres with higher thermal resistance at the level of 1400-1600°C.

Properties and advantages

Among the most important advantages of tapes and the other products made of Hitermic ceramic felt the following properties should be stressed:

  • Stability in high temperatures and high thermal shock resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity and low coefficient of heat accumulation
  • Suitable hardness and elasticity enabling shaping and processing
  • Chemical resistance, resistance to oxidisers, ozone, U and solvents

That is why products made of ceramic fibres are resistant to direct contact with flame, dynamic gases flow and they are resistant of all biological influence. Low heat accumulation coefficient and low thermal conductivity bring significant energy saving in systems working in cycles.


Properties/type of tape Unit HT 1200 HTG 1200
Classification temperature °C 1200 1200
Bulk density ρ kg/m2 200 210
Mechanical strength kPa 350 310
Loss on ignitions 3h / 1050°C % 3.5 4.0
Loss on ignitions 3h / 1050°C % <10 <12
Thermal conductivity λ at 400°C W/mK 0.06 0.08
at 600°C W/mK 0.08 0.10
at 800°C W/mK 0.11 0.14
at 1000°C W/mK 0.17 0.23


Dimensions and packing

Hitermic ceramic tapes have a self-adhesive layer, which facilitate montage. The tapes may be made in other materials options: with aluminium reflective layer – type Alu and with expandable graphite addition – type HTG 1200. Because of graphite expansion, over 200°C the tape gives selfseal effect and guarantee gas tightness. HT ceramic tapes are available in thicknesses of 2, 3 or 5 mm and width in scope from 20 to 150 mm. Tapes are packaged in cartons with size 34x34x-32cm and weight approx. 3.7 kg. If Ceramic felt structure under SEM microscope a pallet delivery is needed, HT tapes are supplied with 45 cartons on pallets with gross weight approx. 170 kgs.


Thickness x width [mm] Weight [g/m] Packaging in carton
2×20 8 15 rol x 30 m
2×30 12 10 rol x 30 m
2×50 20 6 rol x 30 m
3×50 30 6 rol x 20 m
3×75 45 4 rol x 20 m
3×100 60 3 rol x 20 m
3×150 90 2 rol x 20 m
5×100 100 3 rol x 12 m
5×150 150 2 rol x 12 m
5×300 300 1 rol x 12 m


Areas of application

insulation material, as seals and shields for high temperatures, liquid metal, hot gases. As insulation of industrial furnaces they successfully substitute materials made of quartz fibres, microporous silicon carbide shields as well as traditional asbestos shields and insulation.

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