Company SINOGRAF for many years has consistently pursued a strategy of a trusted brand. Throughout the whole our business activity many national and foreign companies have trusted us. Why? Because we support them in their development, adapt our offer to their changing needs and together are working on the new solutions. Our products support:

Chemical industrymapa_sinograf-1

The requirements of the chemical industry regarding processes safety and environmental protection are constantly increasing. Key factors in all areas of the chemical industry are the reliability and productivity. As a reliable partner of this industry sector we are able to offer individual and appropriate solutions of these tasks.

Power engineering
The main priority in the power industry is to maximize the efficiency of energy systems while maintaining safety standards of production. With the use of our products a failure-free installations operating time is extended, together with the increase of the watt-hour efficiency factor.

Metallurgy and founding
Modern foundries are constantly looking for a new ways to improve efficiency, increase production flexibility and improve workplace safety. Our products, together with our huge experience in their selection and using ensures the achievement of capacity while maintaining the desired quality of the castings.

Food processing
Proper specification and a selection of materials and methods of pumps sealing helps in getting the required working durability and eliminating shutdown cost. Usage of materials that meet high hygiene criteria enables fulfilling high quality standards food and cosmetic products.

The main export directions of our products are markets of Western Europe and CIS countries.