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Laboratory potential

SINOGRAF laboratory may be proud of the possibility of samples preparation and conducting metallographic tests which check material microstructure. It makes hardness and resistance tests and it may also determine tensile strength. The company may verify strength parameters, that is examine tensile strength, flexural strength and shear strength. As Mr. Janusz Kaczmarek, M.Sc.Eng, the head of the Laboratory says “Superficial examination does not give us very often an answer to the question about working parameters of a given material. We don’t know what its life-span is and how it will behave in extreme cases. Only thorough examination from the point of view of its strength, hardness or microstructure gives us a possibility to keep high quality of offered materials and products which directly translates into high level of customer satisfaction”.

Main goal of the Laboratory is to test and assess new materials, co-operate with suppliers as regards choice of materials, make expertises and exchange information with material and technology suppliers, test ready products, implement new technologies. Additionally, the Laboratory which serves as a control unit, controls deliveries of materials as well as controls and certifies ready products. Mr. Kaczmarek emphasizes: “While realizing control processes we focus not only on detecting abnormalities but first of all on preventing potential technological problems that our clients may have”.

SINOGRAF Laboratory works on a basis of methods based on Polish standards as well as own testing methods and uses certified standards only. Apparatuses used are of top class and they are subject to required legalization, calibration and controls. Mr. Kaczmarek says: “Our chief assets are our team of qualified specialists, organization of work which enables flexibility and an appropriate pace of tests execution, use of control and measuring apparatus of renowned, acknowledged companies which enables to obtain reliable and accurate results”.

Co-operation with external research centres

SINOGRAF commissions some tests to academic and scientific research units co-operating with the company. SINOGRAF has been co-operating for many years among others with the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and commissions advanced tests which need the use of equipment available only in scientific institutions. Co-operation with the Faculty of Chemistry enables among others to examine and assess structures of offered graphite. SINOGRAF Laboratory allows for constant control over quality of offered products. It enables to detect possible defects before the product is sent to the client. The Laboratory is constantly extended and adjusted to the current needs.

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